Current Projects

I’m currently working on 2 projects.

One of which is called “BLOOM” (aka Tree of Life)
It’s a game about nature taking back a polluted planet.

Concept art by Bryce Kho
Concept Art by Bryce Kho
Concept art by Bryce Kho

The work I’ve done ranges from 3D models to 2D particles.

Currently I’m working on the 3D model for the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life WIP
Tree of Life WIP

Past finished works:

Junk Cube
Junk Cube and Savepoint Flower
Junk Parts
Junk Parts
Ground Pound Trail particle iterations
Ground Pound Landing Effect particle
Jumping Effect particles
QA Robot
QA Robot – Click me to see full post
The other project is called “Sawdust”.
A game concept made by students from the Digital Arts & Entertainment track.
We were testing out new ways of play by turning the level or changing the gravity. In the end we went for turning wall platforms in an abstract setting.

Our team:

    • Lise Dejaegere
    • Maarten Maene
    • Tristan Meul
    • Frederik Lefevere
    • Jessie van Aelst (me)
a quick gameplay storyboard draft by me.
First concept paint by me
Character Concept by Lise Dejaegere
Wind up key concept by me
Platform Concept by me
Platform Concept 2 by me

Stay tuned for more updates!


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