December Update!

As promised,an update on my past works.


Since my last update I haven’t made any more props/textures for the project. This was mainly because of hectic schoolwork and also because there was no demand on the other side. It was time for the programmers to finish debugging and implementing all the art.

This resulted into our December Demo Day. Of course Bloom was a total hit!
The DEMO is downloadable for you to play and enjoy.

And a new extended trailer:


An update on the modelsheet:


And on the “finished” modelsheet of Electric Elena.

Electric Elena Character Modelsheet

Electric Elena Character Modelsheet

I ran into some time issues here so that’s why I kept the lines on. 😉

New things!
A new assignment for character design was given to us right after this.
We were given the task to design a goddess from 1 of the 4 theme’s: Fire, Earth, Water and Wind.
Because I’m such a nature lover, I went with Earth.
There was also a focus on dynamic drapery and expressive hands and portrait. The character had to float (even if it was an earth theme :/ which I found out later)

Below are the studies I made (I had to scrap a lot of them)


And the final! 😀

Earth Goddess Final

Earth Goddess Final

Pretty happy on how it turned out. Some things could have used more love but the overall picture is there. A thing I was focusing on because it’s easy to lose yourself in details with renderings like this.


The area where the most changes were done this month was our Sawdust game.

The logo is now here!


The collectables have now become gears that you put into the door mechanism.


Flat colors and in-game-lighting


Concept by me, mesh by Maarten and Texture by Lise


Concept by me, mesh by Maarten and Texture by Lise

The checkpoints for our game used to be this:

Checkpoint Concept

Checkpoint Concept

but it was later changed to something less dramatic. The number of checkpoints was too high for this to even be fun. The chair was changed to a big pipe so the character wind-up-key wouldn’t clip through the mesh. We did, however, kept the oil can.


The gears that were going to be in the background have been re-textured by me so they would be better readable and wouldn’t stand out too much.


Mesh by Maarten, Unwrap by both Maarten & Lise, Textured by Lise and Retextured by me (phew)

There were also some minor mistakes where we wanted to add more detail to the wooden platforms.

Platform_Preview Platform_Preview2

Eventually we noticed that it didn’t work out as much as we wanted to and are now trying to fix that.

Some in-game screenshots!

Ingame_Screenshot2Ingame_Screenshot3  Ingame_Screenshot4Ingame_Screenshot1

Thanks for stopping by!

This will probably be my last update for this semester. Now the exams start.. so wish me, Bloom and Sawdust good luck 😀

Happy holidays to everyone as well.


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