Work update end of November

So it has been a while since I’ve updated..

I couldn’t find any prop/paint that was worthy of a single post update, so I’ll just add all the stuff I’ve made recently.


Team Flaming Toast  has made a website for the game!

Check it out here
The team is close to 60 people right now. You can find my name on the page as well 🙂

Not only that, but here’s more great stuff!

Our brand new trailer:

Onward to my work:

This here is the Crane Robot for the Bloom project. The model was done by Eric Kim and previously textured by Bianca Tholen.

(she has great art btw, check her out

I adjusted it slightly to make it look dirtier.


Another rushed mesh. These were needed quickly so they could be implemented by demoday.
I made the pieces in 1/2 units so it’s easier to move around in the grid of Unity.



If you’ve seen my previous posts, there was one moodpaint I did for a school assignment.
We’re learning to use the right ref and to make good moodboards and refboards. From these we design our own artstyles for a set theme.
Since I’ve been working on the Bloom project I’ve noticed that the style I’m having right now is shifting towards hard shading and minimalist details.

These images are studies and modelsheets of a reference prop that can explain the style I’m going for.




The perspective drawing is still WIP and will be posted later on 😉

Another school assignment! (yay, I’m doing nothing but those it seems)
For our character design classes we were asked to design a futuristic roller derby girl with fresh colors like the “Skydoll” comics. The model should also have a small paintball gun (for gameplay purposes)

As I was sketching some stuff, this one drawing caught my attention and has since been the drive towards the whole design.

Electric Elena Face Sketch

The name and theme I wanted to give to my character was Electric Elena. That’s the main reason why I’m using so many zig zag lines. It has to look fast and dynamic.

Below is the finished anatomy and a quick draft of some clothes. More to come 😉



The Sawdust project is still going strong. The in-game screenshot you see here is looking more and more like the concept paint I did a few weeks ago.


Concept paint of Sawdust done by me

We’re looking into adjusting the lighting colors and the brightness of the pipes so they stick out more.
Animations are also being made (I can’t show you yet, but I can tell they’re really cute).


In-game screenshot

A few quick sketches for a door design. Our levels are divided by these and the player has to collect certain parts to open it and then continue.


The opening mechanic isn’t visible here, but it’ll work with gears (collectibles) that move the door upwards.

And then the pipes as you can see below.


Thank you for reading and see you next update!


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