January update!

First off, my blog moved from this page to here. This was to keep my portfolio page clean.

It also got a grand makeover from last month plus my resume is finally up.


Exams are over!

This means the end to my Sawdust project.

We’ve adjusted the visual appeal of our game as you’ll see below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As for my Character Design exam…

We had to design a couple in 1 of 3 themes. I chose the Game of Thrones one, even though I still haven’t seen it (shame on me).

It’s not something I’ve done before so it was also a challenge.

You can probably tell that I rushed the end ^^’


Game preproduction!

Again, we had to design our own style and make mood and referenceboards.
After that came the moodpaint and a reference prop that explains the style a bit better.

And that’s about it for this month.
Had to rush the blog post because I’ll be on the plane to the US tomorrow.

See  you all on the next update for February where I jump back into BLOOM!


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