Seattle/Vancouver company visits

Back again after a week of traveling and a week of relaxing.

Not too long ago our school went on a trip to the US and Canada to visit big companies and schools across the globe.
It certainly was a great experience both for culture and for inspiration.

Some of the these included:


Jessie at Valve!
The entrance Valve magnet board

Q&A with Gabe Newell!

Valve has a pretty modest office but in every corner there were a lot of funny items like the wall of hats that fans made for TF2:


lobby of Arenanet
Daniel Dociu Q&A!

unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures inside.. There were a lot of beautiful paintings on the walls and a whole section dedicated to fanmail.
I managed to get a few pictures of these:


Here we had a look at the media department and such but also a few people that did presentations which included the Creative Director to the Halo 4 game, Josh Holmes.


<img src=”” alt=”” />

This school is our strongest competitor and stepping in that building and seeing all the work of their students really brought out a “wow” in me. They definitely win against us on many levels.. Then again, they’re a private school and we’re just Belgium. Nuff said really.

If I had the money, I’d love to go there to pick up some new knowledge.

EA Vancouver


All of the above pictures are made by fellow students (Lise Dejaegere, Lisa Lau, Sam van Hulle, Travis Evashkevish, Stefaan Hinnemans & Dominique Buttiens)

So there you have it!

After showing my portfolio to Daniel Dociu and Freek hoekstra I was motivated to make more art in my week of relaxation.

A color study I learned a great deal from. I must thank Daniel for his advice on colors! ❤

Sprout is the main character in our Bloom game. We already have one but I wanted to make this my own personal work. I’m thinking of using this as a small refreshment on rigging before class starts.

See it on Sketchfab!


A piece for Bloom I finished yesterday. This week is for unwrapping and texturing!

See you on the next update 😉


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