March Update!

Time for a new update!

It’s been a while but I’ve got a lot of goodies for you ;D

The new semester has finally started with one of my favorite courses: ‘Game Graphics’.
It’s basically all about handpainted stuff. From very stylized to realistic to pixelart! ❤

Here are some I did in the last 3 weeks:

VanAelst_Jessie_StoneWallPortfolio VanAelst_Jessie_StoneWallTile_Portfolio VanAelst_Jessie_WoodFloorPortfolio VanAelst_Jessie_WoodFloorTile_Portfolio2DAEGGP_VanAelstJessie_Grass

2DAEGGP_VanAelst_Jessie_Presentation 2DAEGGP_VanAelst_Jessie_Presentation2 2DAEGGP_VanAelst_Jessie_Diffuse

Current project:
Realistic handpainting of AK47


As for Bloom..

Hallelujah! I got my T-shirt! 😀 I love you guys ❤
the Fire bat was finished up with a texture:


After that I made modular city blocks for our new level

And my current project is the Gunner Copter.
It will have a different color from the concept so stay tuned 😉


On a slightly unimportant note..

Here’s my first particle I’ve ever made:

Here’s to another awesome monthly update 🙂


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