April has come


Couldn’t wait to get this monthly update up and running.

Finished Projects:

Ak47 handpainted

Gunnercopter had some colorstudies and now a finished texture as well.

Some sketch I did:

Stuff from class:

Handpaint a given mesh within a timeframe..

Current projects:

Forestscene colorstudies
Mesh was given by teachers. We have to handpaint it using only diffuse.

The final mix of 10, 4 & 11:

a WIP on the mesh:

The stones are already to the state I want the whole thing to be.

I’ve also been busy designing a character that represents me.
The style is somewhere around Torchlight II and The Settlers. Not too much detail and pretty stylized as well.


Going to model, unwrap, texture, skin and rig this character in FX & Rigging classes.

Talking about that class..
I made a particle set for one of the given meshes by our teachers:


An unlockable for the game šŸ˜€

This time around I could concept my own mesh. Of course it took a bit longer to do.
Will finish this after the forest scene is done.

During those weeks GDC happened and our team had their presentation as well:

It’s sad to think these are the last weeks I’ll be spending on their project.
Almost everyone will be graduating after this and going their own way.
So the chance of Bloom actually being a full on project after that are veeeery low. šŸ˜¦

But! Exams will be coming up soon so I’ll be busy anyway šŸ™‚

Thanks for joining in on this update!

See you guys soon ^^


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