Juneeee <3

The latest update of the schoolyear is here!  = v=

This one has a lot of goodies ❤

I think I finally broke out of my “artblock” stage.
Let’s see, where did I leave you guys..

Aha! So the Bloom project got finished! 😀 you can download the latest version on

THIS link.

So happy with the final result. There’s even a multiplayer<3


Some screenshots:

And a final presentation:

So proud of our team. Don’t you think they did great? 😀

As for the exams:

First up is the Rigging exam:

I kind of forgot to mention 😦 but the original concept was done by James McDonald: http://nerd-scribbles.deviantart.com/art/RobotQuest-Girl-Red-394408313

Game Graphics exam:

This is the reference I used for the scene:


The texture buildup was pretty basic. Here you can find a quick gif:

Texture breakdown can be found on my Polycount sketchbook

Final Image

Final Image

The final image made it onto the Wall of Fame on DrawCrowd, which was a huge surprise since I personally believe many other artists on there are so much better then me.

And of course another video!

After that I also got my Level Scripting exam done.
This time it was UDK like I last told you 😉

Here are some screenshots:

A breakdown can be found on my polycount sketchbook
Most of the assets in this demo were made by a friend of mine (Tom Ivens)
Only a few are actually from the UDK standard package.

The particles, level design, scripting and decorating were done by me.

You can download the small demo…



I got pretty good grades for these last few exams as well. Really happy on how my Level Scripting turned out.
Decorating levels is really so much fun ❤

So summer has started for me. Time for some relaxation and free work.
First thing I did was getting used to Zbrush again. It has been a while since I’ve done highpoly and normal maps, so this was a great exercise:

Zbrush Sculpt

Low poly bake

And a quick 360 video with some standard Quixel stone material.

It was a good opportunity to test out Physically Based Rendering since I had never tried it before.
In total I used these programs:

-3ds max

As for future plans.. I was thinking of maybe tackling this concept in 3D:

made by 許安藤 deviantart post can be found here

I saw this concept a while ago in one of the monthly n00b challenges on Polycount.
It really made me want to do some freework but at the time I was overloaded with other stuff that needed finishing ^^;

Well, that pretty much sums up my June ^^


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