Last school update

After a few months of hiatus, I’m back with another update!

So what’s all new?
Well, first off I just finished my last exam ever. Well, practically my last exam.
What’s on the schedule next is my internship, which I proudly confirm to be at Paladin Studios.

They make fantastically colorful and stylized games. From the moment I found them I knew this would be a place that I’d fit in.
Take a look at their previous games. I recommend Momonga; a short, story-driven pinball game for mobile devices.


To get back to my school projects…

Because it was my last semester at Howest, I started a Graduation Project.
The base for this was that it had to be something that we hadn’t learned in DAE before.

So what could be better then doing an underwater scene in the new Unreal Engine 4 with Oculus Rift support and done in a realistic manner?
Nothing, I swear. 🙂

I learned SOOO much from this project, it’s ridiculous. Not only in technical skill but also in emotional.

There are Presentation Sheets (Coral Reef – UE4) available for those that want to have a look at it.
Furthermore, the progress was slightly blogged on a polycount thread

Below is the final result:


This was not the only project of the past semester though.
I’ve been messing around with more PBR as well.

This time it was a static camera scene with the intention of being a startup screen for a non existing game.

Last time I tried a static camera scene it ended up only looking good from one angle. I’m refering to this.
I didn’t feel like having the same thing happen again so I ended up finishing the scene in a 360 manner.

The theme was chosen from 4 options. This one was Rocky desert, something completely different from the underwater scene I previously decided on.
Rocks and sand seem a bit too dead for my tastes though. So where water is, there is green! Finish it off with the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River and you got yourself a kayak simulator game!

What I learned from this project:
– Good vertex painting blending
– Water
– Mostly a lot of shader stuff
– How to build a scene in UE4
– Learned about the limits of decals and custom texture input (shader) in version 4.5.1
– The widget blueprint
– Sculpting rocks

So I tried my hand at a few more realistic scenes to add to my portfolio… but my love for handpainted is still taking the upper hand.

To have a change of scenery *insert stupid pun here*, I went back to making a small prop for the holidays:

Sketchfab was made as well.

And with that, I wish you all a good new year 🙂

To a year of many changes!




2 thoughts on “Last school update

  1. I’m gonna be a freshman in DAE this coming semester. I dream of working in the games industry as an artist in the near future! Your works are so awesome! I got more than excited in coming to Howest this September 😀

    • Hey geekeryme, how cool of you to join DAE! I wish you all the best of luck out there. You’ll need it, hehe.
      Just keep your chin up, dream big, fail hard/fast and press on to improve yourself!

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