Happy Holidays!


For this next year I’ve got a lot of self improvement planned.

One book I’ve recently been reading is called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, I cannot recommend this enough!

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Moving to Canada was probably a contributing factor in that. Not that Canada’s not nice or anything. I think it’s mostly the lack of sunshine, winter, leaving family behind, struggling with some vitamin deficiencies and a lot of job uncertainties.

Every time I tried starting a new project, something would come up for me to overcome first.

I’ve been feeling a lot better then a few weeks ago and started picking up the pace again with this design by New Milky.
Her original can be found here.

Here’s a few steps I took in the process:

In the end I restarted the braid. Braids are really a pain to do in 3D btw, you’re warned. 🙂 Did you know the flow of a braid is different on the front and on the back? o.O’ My front is a V and my back is a ^.
In this case I took a squished cylinder and painted on that to later transfer it to the braids I had. This saved me many headaches and made me finish faster then anticipated. I sometimes seem to make it hard on myself for no particular reason.

Even environment artists can have benefits from doing characters every once in a while though.

Next to this project I’ve also slowly been progressing on the Crystal environment


This one is tricky, it’s so round everywhere! Luckily the Bend of Brothers max script helped with that. Thanks Alexander 😉

I will not make any promises on when this will get finished. I’ve tried way too many times to force a deadline on this that just won’t work out in the end. I’ve also been thinking that this environment needs normal maps and all that other glorious stuff. Time to get more confident in Zbrush again.

Merry late Christmas and a Happy New year!


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