I Choose You!

I did a tiny side project to keep myself going and starting up a good work atmosphere for this year.



What are your new years resolutions?

Mine are:
– Get more done -generally-
– Read books to fuel imagination and to keep my eyes away from a screen
– Write more blog posts
– Get better at 2D art
– Learn new programs and experiment with tools.
– Make tutorials on my finds as I work more
– Get post-it’s and post stuff EVERYWHERE
– Keep my goals visible
– Make a vision board for my dream home, future travel experiences and motivational quotes
– Consume less, make more
– Get energized! Wake up early, see the sunrise and eat breakfast
– Re-schedule the next day the night before based on highest priority
– Start a weekly menu and keep myself from decision fatigue
– Get more disciplined
– Improve my communication skills
– …

Whoo! It’s a lot to do all at once, but I’ll be focusing on each at a different time.

“The Happiness Project” book that I’ve been reading has helped me to construct some of these resolutions. The book by itself is a new years resolution!

I also found a nice set of quotes/motivations lately that I’d love to share:
(please treat them with a grain of salt as they fit better in certain scenario’s)

– Fail more, fail fast
– Fight fear with acceptance
– It’s not the end result that matters but having fun along the way
– See it not for what it is but for what it could be
– Focus not on the bad but on the good you want in it’s place
– Don’t externalize your motivations, do it for yourself and shoulds will transform to wants.

It’s taken me a loooong time to figure out how it all works and I thought I knew, but then I didn’t, heh.

This is a video that helped me quite a lot:

Steve Pavlina has a great blog btw, check him out.

That’s it from me for this time.
Catch ya later!


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