Happy Holidays!


For this next year I’ve got a lot of self improvement planned.

One book I’ve recently been reading is called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, I cannot recommend this enough!

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Moving to Canada was probably a contributing factor in that. Not that Canada’s not nice or anything. I think it’s mostly the lack of sunshine, winter, leaving family behind, struggling with some vitamin deficiencies and a lot of job uncertainties.

Every time I tried starting a new project, something would come up for me to overcome first.

I’ve been feeling a lot better then a few weeks ago and started picking up the pace again with this design by New Milky.
Her original can be found here.

Here’s a few steps I took in the process:

In the end I restarted the braid. Braids are really a pain to do in 3D btw, you’re warned. 🙂 Did you know the flow of a braid is different on the front and on the back? o.O’ My front is a V and my back is a ^.
In this case I took a squished cylinder and painted on that to later transfer it to the braids I had. This saved me many headaches and made me finish faster then anticipated. I sometimes seem to make it hard on myself for no particular reason.

Even environment artists can have benefits from doing characters every once in a while though.

Next to this project I’ve also slowly been progressing on the Crystal environment


This one is tricky, it’s so round everywhere! Luckily the Bend of Brothers max script helped with that. Thanks Alexander 😉

I will not make any promises on when this will get finished. I’ve tried way too many times to force a deadline on this that just won’t work out in the end. I’ve also been thinking that this environment needs normal maps and all that other glorious stuff. Time to get more confident in Zbrush again.

Merry late Christmas and a Happy New year!


Juneeee <3

The latest update of the schoolyear is here!  = v=

This one has a lot of goodies ❤

I think I finally broke out of my “artblock” stage.
Let’s see, where did I leave you guys..

Aha! So the Bloom project got finished! 😀 you can download the latest version on

THIS link.

So happy with the final result. There’s even a multiplayer<3


Some screenshots:

And a final presentation:

So proud of our team. Don’t you think they did great? 😀

As for the exams:

First up is the Rigging exam:

I kind of forgot to mention 😦 but the original concept was done by James McDonald: http://nerd-scribbles.deviantart.com/art/RobotQuest-Girl-Red-394408313

Game Graphics exam:

This is the reference I used for the scene:


The texture buildup was pretty basic. Here you can find a quick gif:

Texture breakdown can be found on my Polycount sketchbook

Final Image

Final Image

The final image made it onto the Wall of Fame on DrawCrowd, which was a huge surprise since I personally believe many other artists on there are so much better then me.

And of course another video!

After that I also got my Level Scripting exam done.
This time it was UDK like I last told you 😉

Here are some screenshots:

A breakdown can be found on my polycount sketchbook
Most of the assets in this demo were made by a friend of mine (Tom Ivens)
Only a few are actually from the UDK standard package.

The particles, level design, scripting and decorating were done by me.

You can download the small demo…



I got pretty good grades for these last few exams as well. Really happy on how my Level Scripting turned out.
Decorating levels is really so much fun ❤

So summer has started for me. Time for some relaxation and free work.
First thing I did was getting used to Zbrush again. It has been a while since I’ve done highpoly and normal maps, so this was a great exercise:

Zbrush Sculpt

Low poly bake

And a quick 360 video with some standard Quixel stone material.

It was a good opportunity to test out Physically Based Rendering since I had never tried it before.
In total I used these programs:

-3ds max

As for future plans.. I was thinking of maybe tackling this concept in 3D:

made by 許安藤 deviantart post can be found here

I saw this concept a while ago in one of the monthly n00b challenges on Polycount.
It really made me want to do some freework but at the time I was overloaded with other stuff that needed finishing ^^;

Well, that pretty much sums up my June ^^

April has come


Couldn’t wait to get this monthly update up and running.

Finished Projects:

Ak47 handpainted

Gunnercopter had some colorstudies and now a finished texture as well.

Some sketch I did:

Stuff from class:

Handpaint a given mesh within a timeframe..

Current projects:

Forestscene colorstudies
Mesh was given by teachers. We have to handpaint it using only diffuse.

The final mix of 10, 4 & 11:

a WIP on the mesh:

The stones are already to the state I want the whole thing to be.

I’ve also been busy designing a character that represents me.
The style is somewhere around Torchlight II and The Settlers. Not too much detail and pretty stylized as well.


Going to model, unwrap, texture, skin and rig this character in FX & Rigging classes.

Talking about that class..
I made a particle set for one of the given meshes by our teachers:


An unlockable for the game 😀

This time around I could concept my own mesh. Of course it took a bit longer to do.
Will finish this after the forest scene is done.

During those weeks GDC happened and our team had their presentation as well:

It’s sad to think these are the last weeks I’ll be spending on their project.
Almost everyone will be graduating after this and going their own way.
So the chance of Bloom actually being a full on project after that are veeeery low. 😦

But! Exams will be coming up soon so I’ll be busy anyway 🙂

Thanks for joining in on this update!

See you guys soon ^^

March Update!

Time for a new update!

It’s been a while but I’ve got a lot of goodies for you ;D

The new semester has finally started with one of my favorite courses: ‘Game Graphics’.
It’s basically all about handpainted stuff. From very stylized to realistic to pixelart! ❤

Here are some I did in the last 3 weeks:

VanAelst_Jessie_StoneWallPortfolio VanAelst_Jessie_StoneWallTile_Portfolio VanAelst_Jessie_WoodFloorPortfolio VanAelst_Jessie_WoodFloorTile_Portfolio2DAEGGP_VanAelstJessie_Grass

2DAEGGP_VanAelst_Jessie_Presentation 2DAEGGP_VanAelst_Jessie_Presentation2 2DAEGGP_VanAelst_Jessie_Diffuse
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Seattle/Vancouver company visits

Back again after a week of traveling and a week of relaxing.

Not too long ago our school went on a trip to the US and Canada to visit big companies and schools across the globe.
It certainly was a great experience both for culture and for inspiration.

Some of the these included:


Jessie at Valve!
The entrance Valve magnet board

Q&A with Gabe Newell!

Valve has a pretty modest office but in every corner there were a lot of funny items like the wall of hats that fans made for TF2:


lobby of Arenanet
Daniel Dociu Q&A!

unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures inside.. There were a lot of beautiful paintings on the walls and a whole section dedicated to fanmail.
I managed to get a few pictures of these:


Here we had a look at the media department and such but also a few people that did presentations which included the Creative Director to the Halo 4 game, Josh Holmes.


<img src=”” alt=”” />

This school is our strongest competitor and stepping in that building and seeing all the work of their students really brought out a “wow” in me. They definitely win against us on many levels.. Then again, they’re a private school and we’re just Belgium. Nuff said really.

If I had the money, I’d love to go there to pick up some new knowledge.

EA Vancouver


All of the above pictures are made by fellow students (Lise Dejaegere, Lisa Lau, Sam van Hulle, Travis Evashkevish, Stefaan Hinnemans & Dominique Buttiens)

So there you have it!

After showing my portfolio to Daniel Dociu and Freek hoekstra I was motivated to make more art in my week of relaxation.

A color study I learned a great deal from. I must thank Daniel for his advice on colors! ❤

Sprout is the main character in our Bloom game. We already have one but I wanted to make this my own personal work. I’m thinking of using this as a small refreshment on rigging before class starts.

See it on Sketchfab!


A piece for Bloom I finished yesterday. This week is for unwrapping and texturing!

See you on the next update 😉

January update!

First off, my blog moved from this page to here. This was to keep my portfolio page clean.

It also got a grand makeover from last month plus my resume is finally up.


Exams are over!

This means the end to my Sawdust project.

We’ve adjusted the visual appeal of our game as you’ll see below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As for my Character Design exam…

We had to design a couple in 1 of 3 themes. I chose the Game of Thrones one, even though I still haven’t seen it (shame on me).

It’s not something I’ve done before so it was also a challenge.

You can probably tell that I rushed the end ^^’


Game preproduction!

Again, we had to design our own style and make mood and referenceboards.
After that came the moodpaint and a reference prop that explains the style a bit better.

And that’s about it for this month.
Had to rush the blog post because I’ll be on the plane to the US tomorrow.

See  you all on the next update for February where I jump back into BLOOM!