Revisiting older pieces

Not too long ago I was featured by Antonio Neves on Sketchfab and felt that my model was out of place quality wise. That day I set out to improve the old Forest Scene I had done 2 years ago and this is the result:



I’m quite happy with the result. I got rid of the grainy feeling, redid the grass, balanced the foliage a bit more, made the water fall off the island better and gave those mushrooms a touch-up.

Also, I finally uploaded the fire bat from Bloom onto Sketchfab:

In the last few days I’ve been going back and forth between Sketchfab and WordPress on how to embed models on my portfolio and it seemed like they were just about to launch this new feature! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. 🙂

In other news, these are a few things I’ve been working on recently. All tests on different techniques and software.

Trying out PBR. Used Zbrush, Photoshop, 3D Coat, UE4

This inspired the “Layer Cake” script that Travis Evashkevich made for me.

A tiny prop to keep my Maya skills going

See you on the next update!


I Choose You!

I did a tiny side project to keep myself going and starting up a good work atmosphere for this year.



What are your new years resolutions?

Mine are:
– Get more done -generally-
– Read books to fuel imagination and to keep my eyes away from a screen
– Write more blog posts
– Get better at 2D art
– Learn new programs and experiment with tools.
– Make tutorials on my finds as I work more
– Get post-it’s and post stuff EVERYWHERE
– Keep my goals visible
– Make a vision board for my dream home, future travel experiences and motivational quotes
– Consume less, make more
– Get energized! Wake up early, see the sunrise and eat breakfast
– Re-schedule the next day the night before based on highest priority
– Start a weekly menu and keep myself from decision fatigue
– Get more disciplined
– Improve my communication skills
– …

Whoo! It’s a lot to do all at once, but I’ll be focusing on each at a different time.

“The Happiness Project” book that I’ve been reading has helped me to construct some of these resolutions. The book by itself is a new years resolution!

I also found a nice set of quotes/motivations lately that I’d love to share:
(please treat them with a grain of salt as they fit better in certain scenario’s)

– Fail more, fail fast
– Fight fear with acceptance
– It’s not the end result that matters but having fun along the way
– See it not for what it is but for what it could be
– Focus not on the bad but on the good you want in it’s place
– Don’t externalize your motivations, do it for yourself and shoulds will transform to wants.

It’s taken me a loooong time to figure out how it all works and I thought I knew, but then I didn’t, heh.

This is a video that helped me quite a lot:

Steve Pavlina has a great blog btw, check him out.

That’s it from me for this time.
Catch ya later!

Last school update

After a few months of hiatus, I’m back with another update!

So what’s all new?
Well, first off I just finished my last exam ever. Well, practically my last exam.
What’s on the schedule next is my internship, which I proudly confirm to be at Paladin Studios.

They make fantastically colorful and stylized games. From the moment I found them I knew this would be a place that I’d fit in.
Take a look at their previous games. I recommend Momonga; a short, story-driven pinball game for mobile devices.


To get back to my school projects…

Because it was my last semester at Howest, I started a Graduation Project.
The base for this was that it had to be something that we hadn’t learned in DAE before.

So what could be better then doing an underwater scene in the new Unreal Engine 4 with Oculus Rift support and done in a realistic manner?
Nothing, I swear. 🙂

I learned SOOO much from this project, it’s ridiculous. Not only in technical skill but also in emotional.

There are Presentation Sheets (Coral Reef – UE4) available for those that want to have a look at it.
Furthermore, the progress was slightly blogged on a polycount thread

Below is the final result:


This was not the only project of the past semester though.
I’ve been messing around with more PBR as well.

This time it was a static camera scene with the intention of being a startup screen for a non existing game.

Last time I tried a static camera scene it ended up only looking good from one angle. I’m refering to this.
I didn’t feel like having the same thing happen again so I ended up finishing the scene in a 360 manner.

The theme was chosen from 4 options. This one was Rocky desert, something completely different from the underwater scene I previously decided on.
Rocks and sand seem a bit too dead for my tastes though. So where water is, there is green! Finish it off with the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River and you got yourself a kayak simulator game!

What I learned from this project:
– Good vertex painting blending
– Water
– Mostly a lot of shader stuff
– How to build a scene in UE4
– Learned about the limits of decals and custom texture input (shader) in version 4.5.1
– The widget blueprint
– Sculpting rocks

So I tried my hand at a few more realistic scenes to add to my portfolio… but my love for handpainted is still taking the upper hand.

To have a change of scenery *insert stupid pun here*, I went back to making a small prop for the holidays:

Sketchfab was made as well.

And with that, I wish you all a good new year 🙂

To a year of many changes!



May update

Hi guys 🙂

This month’s update is a bit smaller then all the previous ones.
Given that Bloom art has finished and exam assignments are finally starting.

I took on a small job for a little mobile game.
After a month it was canceled though, but I can publish my work without any issues.

So here it is:

Photo: Which one would you like? :)

These were the first 4 sketches I did as a test.

First Sketches2

And these were the first concept sketches.
After that, the project got canceled. This was actually my first paid job and I learned quite a lot from it.

Still prefer 3D more then actually concepting in 2D. I feel more comfortable doing something that I’m good at I guess.
I’ve been in quite a struggle these past few weeks about my overall 2D skills.
Not to mention I feel like my work is un-original in a few ways.
I guess this feeling is just normal for a lot of artists out there. I’m always amazed when I see something cool and original and wonder how they came up with it.

I’m happy my previous forest scene got so much positive feedback btw.
After that I tried making my works equally as good, but in the end they just seem to lack in my opinion.
Let’s hope my exams will at least make up for it.

As for Bloom:

This was the end result. I’m really not happy with it. I tried so many different ways to make it look better but it just didn’t seem to work.

QA Robot Hands by sweetangel0467

The QA robot needed hands. As you can see, it now has this big body together with it’s head.
This was made by my colleague Neil. So in the end I guess you could consider this a collab of our stuff 😛
It was also made without any real concept art behind it, so I tried my best and also did my own design with the overpaint.
I took some style choices from the head and mixed them all up to get these hands. Not my best work, but not super bad either I guess.


So after I showed you guys the few design sketches I did for that character that represents me..
I ended up making another concept and went with that entirely.

I think I might’ve been looking too much at existing concept art, because it really ended up looking like this.

BeautyShot1 BeautyShot2

This whole month I’ve been doubting my work and skills so much, it’s really killing my creativity.
I hope it’ll be over soon, so I can continue improving in stead of taking a step back.

Phew, now that that’s out of the way.. I’ve recently installed some cool tools on my computer.
It’s called “Gradient Map” which you can find here.
and “RefBoard” with link.

Both are absolutely brilliant! I’ve used the Gradient Map in my previous character btw 😉
I’m also using Refboard to make moodboards and help me with previewing conceptart while I’m modeling it.

This is my current Rigging assignment where I’ve used Refboard btw:

The majority of my time this month went to a Level Scripting assignment.
I usually never end up showing anything related to that course because it’s just scripting really.
But now I have a few screenshots as well 😀

So here’s a WIP:
ScreenWIP ScreenWIP2 ScreenWIP3

The assignment was to make an interactive level in Unity. Everything had to be scripted by myself.
So since the focus wasn’t on props or graphics, we didn’t have to make them ourselves.
The props I used were mostly the standard terrain assets from unity I found on the store.
The character is Red from the Super Smash Bros Brawl game. I found the model online and skinned it to a biped.
It was later used with the standard humanoid animations.

I’m actually quite proud of myself for being capable of scripting this. it has a standard MMO style camera that can be manipulated with the RMB so you can still click on the UI whenever it’s not pressed.
There’s a primitive inventory made with a list of items. Each has it’s own icon and name. If I was a  programmer I’d made it so items could stack and be moved around.. but I’m simply not that good to make it in 1 week.

It was made over the Easter holiday as well.
I just couldn’t resist not putting in “Easter Eggs”.


Complete with a nudge animation and particles. Haha 😀

Here’s a few screenshots of the final visuals:

ScreenWIP9 ScreenWIP8

Because I’m still more of an artist in my course, I was also graded on the visuals.
I tried going for the same color pallet as this work from Exphrasis
RelicTheory by Exphrasis


I’m quite happy about the shadow colors. Even with the cold fog color it still matched pretty well.

And that’s about it for this month 🙂

My exam assignments in a nutshell:
– Rig a mechanical object. (FX & Rigging)
– Make a 3D scene that looks like a painting. (Game Graphics)
– Make another interactive level but then in UDK iso Unity. (Level Scripting)

I’ve got a few ideas for Game Graphics already and a puzzle with some Kismet scripting for Level Scripting.
The rigged object was the above mentioned one 😉

See you next time! (probably late June)